Basic use of SVN (1.3.9)

About TortoiseSVN (svn)

Online documentation(Chinese, simplified)

The command for Mac OS:

  • svn help (?, h)         // you can enter “svn help” or “svn ?” or “svn h” in terminal to get some help
  • svn add path
  • svn add *.suffix       //Add a file with the specified suffix       like:svn add * .py
  • svn add . –no-ignore –force     // Add all the files in the current directory
  • svn update(up)
  • svn checkout(co) path
  • svn commit -m “message note” ./         //commit files in the current directory
  • svn cleanup
  • svn status        //view file status  in the current directory

How to use the Terminal in macOS ?

  • cd ~     // navigate to your Home folder
  • cd ../     //navigate to the previous folder
  • cd    path       // you can drag the Documents folder onto the Terminal window.
  • ls           //is the command for listing files
  • pwd     //view current path
  • mkdir foldername    //create a folder under the current path     like:mkdir test
  • touch filename      //create a file        like:touch readme.txt
  • open path
  • clear         // clear all content on the current window
  • du -sh *       //view the folder size

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